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Certified Licensee / Associate

Certified Licensees wanted....!!

Are you interested in becoming one of our Certified Licensees with the right to implement COACH2LEAD™ internally in your organization or externally as an independent leadership trainer / coach?​

COACH2LEAD™ is a module-based program that we want to spread to more Certified Licensee leadership trainers, coaches and consultants around Sweden and the world. We carry out education and training so that those interested can deliver with an understanding of the evidence base that is the basis of the program, the knowledge and the skills needed to create real leadership development!

The training for certification to be a licensee of the COACH2LEAD™ program can be conducted online via Zoom. 

As can the program with leaders in one organisation (internal programs) or different organisations (open programs), as our research shows that great outcomes can be achieved through the COACH2LEAD™ program both live and online!

The become certified you need to have:

1 Academic training at a BSc level in a subject related to organisation, leadership, business, psychology or sociology (or the equivalent). 


2 Experience in leadership (min 2 years in a leadership position) and coaching (min 500 hours).


3 Training in the COACH2LEAD™ program is of course needed to become certified to be a lead coach delivering the program to leaders in business, the public sector and also sports. The training consist of 12 modules (1 day each), with assignments, reading, written learning reflections, recorded individual, team and group coaching sessions.

Interested, email for more information or to book a Zoom call or live meeting (the last only for Coaches in Sweden). Send the email to

Associated Coaches & Licensee Coaches

We collaborate with coaches, leadership trainers and management consultants in larger assignments. Everyone we work with has academic credentials and experience in various types of leadership positions.


Leadership coaches who are Certified Licensees of the Coach2Lead programs can also use the COACH2LEAD™ program with there own clients and customer organisations. 

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